Do Tuition Guarantees Work?

Links of the Day:

– In 1988, wealthy businessmen offered a free college education to a fifth grade class in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Washington Post revisits the children – now adults – to see if the promise made a difference. In part one of the series, I can already tell this will be a heartbreaker.

On a broader note, I recently checked in with RIT’s program offering free tuition to RCSD grads. I suspect these incentive programs help children who would have succeeded anyway. Syracuse’s Say Yes tuition guarantee has not had an impact on graduation rates, but an effort to build an extensive support system is still under way.

– A colleague recently tweeted she couldn’t find a primary care doctor. The Democrat and Chronicle reports the Rochester area is in dire need of primary care physicians. Some practices have been advertising vacancies for years with no bites.

– Outgoing District Attorney Mike Green’s nomination to the federal bench remains stalled. He must be getting very nervous, as he gave up his job for the prospect of the judgeship.

– Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn claims he is underpaid and defends the last-minute raise he was awarded by the legislature.


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