Report: Upstate Needs Downstate

The Rockefeller Institute of Government, in a report called “Giving and Getting,” found New York State’s downstate residents pay far more in taxes than they receive in return. The study was first reported by Gannett News Service.

New Yorkers pay more than $80 million in taxes and fees.

Excerpt from report:

Upstate residents often believe they subsidize generous social welfare programs that disproportionately benefit Downstate;


New York City and the Downstate Suburbs “give” far more to Albany in taxes and other revenues than they “get” in state-funded expenditures. The Capital Region and the Rest of State, by contrast, get significantly more than they give.

The study finds New York City gives 45 percent of the state’s income tax revenues, but gets back 40 percent. Downstate suburbs give 27 percent, but get back 17 percent. Upstate, excluding the Capital Region, gives 24 percent and gets back 35 percent.

State Senator Joseph Robach has advocated making Upstate New York its own state. This report suggests Upstate would lose out on serious revenues.

“I don’t know if those numbers are right, but New York City drives the policies that we spend money on,” said Robach, who would like to see a referendum on secession and other issues in New York.



One response to “Report: Upstate Needs Downstate

  1. Rachel, a few thoughts on this story:

    Three Scenarios, None of Them Good … | The Pretense of Knowledge
    “Let’s look at a state, can be any state. Let’s say Oklahoma for the sake or the discussion. There are three scenarios with respect to Oklahomans and how much they pay in federal taxes, and how much they get back in aid and services.”

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