The Dreamers

Links of the Day:

Buffalo becomes the latest city to welcome the Say Yes program, guaranteeing college tuition to all public and charter school students. The Syracuse program has yet to increase graduation rates or test scores. But Say Yes rallies the community around education and builds supports systems. Jury may still be out on its effectiveness.

Speaking of tuition guarantees, the Washington Posts’s final installment of a three-part series, The Dreamers, ran today. In 1988, wealthy businessmen offered fifth graders free college tuition. More than the effectiveness of tuition guarantees, I found the series a heartbreaking and inspiring look at the challenges faced by students from poor families who live in troubled neighborhoods.

The Dreamers: Part 1

The Dreamers: Part 2

The Dreamers: Part 3

Traveling this holiday season? Bring the hand sanitizer. The Wall Street Journal looks at where germs lurk on planes. Yucky.

“There’s no reason to until you’re dead to have your funeral.” An Albany area woman found out she had a brain tumor and hosted lavish dinner parties just about every day until she died.


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