More Fact-Checking Needed

Links of the Day:

– Alec MacGillis has a must-read in the New Republic about the rise of he-said-she-said journalism and the fall of fact-checking. Reporters are supposed to ferret out the truth, not just repeat both sides of an argument. I took a ton of heat for fact-checking Jean-Claude Brizard; at least once he outright lied. But journalists are very uncomfortable calling out politicians on lies because we’re worried about appearing biased. The public is not served if we don’t aggressively take on fact-checking.

– A very disturbing study out of Massachusetts found that one in 13 teen girls had participated in group sex. The girls were often subjected to pornography, alcohol and drugs. Many also said they were pressured into sex and had sex against their will. The study of 328 girls between the ages of 14 and 20 is small, but cause for alarm.

– A Harvard study found the nation’s police officers suffer from a serious lack of sleep, which can lead to bad decisions on the job.

– New York State now allows human ashes to be buried at pet cemeteries.


2 responses to “More Fact-Checking Needed

  1. Yay! Absolutely 100% Alec MacGillis is right on. If you’re just reporting what both sides said without reporting which side is LYING then you’re helping to perpetuate lies.

  2. On fact-checking, please keep it up! And call it when you see it from all quarters, each party.

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