Get Ready for Gambling Push

Links of the Day:

– Will 2012 be the year of casinos in New York State? Cuomo is pushing it. From the New York Daily News:

“Do I support casino gaming at a New York City location? . . . Yes,” the governor told the Daily News in a year-end chat.


He stressed he is not “preselecting” New York City or any other area for possible casinos.

“I’m not excluding any locations at this time,” he said, adding that establishing a casino in a part of the city “certainly can” make sense because the operation would capitalize on the massive population.

“New York City is a real location,” he said. “Albany is a real location. Buffalo is a real location.”

Legalizing non-Indian casinos would require two consecutive votes by the legislature and a referendum. Not an easy task, especially in gridlock-prone New York. Any attempt to expand gaming will surely be met by litigation from anti-gambling groups and Native Americans.– I loved putting this story together about a little girl who stole the hearts of Rural Metro workers. All she wanted was an easy Bake Oven, but she got so much more.

– The Democrat and Chronicle has the story behind the awesome Rochester Made website.

– The Buffalo News had a tearjerker story of a woman whose search for her birth mother ended at a funeral.

– Who owns your Twitter account? A lawsuit prompts some debate and strikes fear in the hearts of journalists.


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