Ten Predictions for 2012


4 responses to “Ten Predictions for 2012

  1. I can’t argue with any of your predictions. I think Maggie could do it unless she feels the risk is too high. If the brand can stand it, Kodak could use the breathing room. It worked for GM.

  2. These are very good. I think downtown projects will move at a snail’s pace until the economy is stronger locally and credit markets are more open. For now, I’ll be happy with the streets cut into Midtown and basic landscaping. Be a good place for some of the downtown events that cannot seem to find a good permanent place.

    The GOP really does not have a candidate to take on Louise. There are still too many questions about continuing scandals at the County level and if these indicate a lack of good administrative leadership on Maggie’s part.

  3. I hope you’re wrong about Main & Clinton but I think you’ll be proven correct. No one is clamoring to get downtown outside of engineering firms.

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