Rochester’s New Year’s Party is Lame

Once again, Rochester has announced its official New Year’s Eve celebration will end at 10 p.m.

That’s ridiculous.

The city describes the festivities as “family-friendly” and “wholesome.” Other cities, however, manage to hold family-friendly events and ring in the new year when the new year actually arrives.

Here’s what is happening at the Riverside Convention Center, according to the city’s press release:

The festivities will kick off with a DJ Dance Party for the whole family featuring Jimmy C’s Music Machine.  Kid-friendly inflatable attractions will include a giant bounce house,  climbing wall, obstacle course, bungee run and giant slide.  The City’s “Recreation on the Move” program will be providing crafts and games.  Visitors will be able to dress up and get their picture taken in an Old Time Photo Booth.  Also featured will be two caricature artists, henna and airbrush tattoo artists, a stilt walker, clowns and a magician.

At 9:50 p.m., the crowd will move outside the front doors of the Convention Center where they will be welcomed by Mayor Richards.  Gary Mervis, founder and chairman of Camp Good Days and Special Times, will lead the crowd in a “KazooFest” just prior to the City’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks finale which will close out the evening with an amazing aerial display at 10 p.m.

Sounds like a blast…if you still play with GI Joes and Barbie dolls.

The cities of Saratoga and Syracuse hold self-described family-friendly “First Night” celebrations that include music, activities and midnight fireworks. Buffalo has a midnight ball drop preceded by a concert.

I rang in the new millennium on the Main Street Bridge watching the city’s fireworks display. The streets were filled with people having a great time. People weren’t indoors watching their kids play house inside of a balloon. They didn’t go home at 10 p.m. to watch a ball drop on television.

Come on, Rochester, let’s have a real New Year’s Eve party. I promise we’ll behave ourselves.


10 responses to “Rochester’s New Year’s Party is Lame

  1. End it all before fifth platoon goes 10-7; saves a bit of OT. I’m gonna pay attention this year; got an idea general-population celebrations are handled differently than specific audience events. Bottom line? We’ll never be world-class; but better stuff in Saratoga? C’mon Rochester!

  2. I was on the Main st bridge for the millenium new years too. It was fantastic and felt like a mini-Times Square. The next year my friend and I ventured back downtown for new years and it was a ghost town. We ended up spending midnight at Gitsie’s. It was a disappointment to say the least.

  3. You’re not alone. I remember ringing in the millennium, and even a few more New Years downtown at midnight and it was awesome, not to mention we always headed out to other establishments and spent oodles of money along the way. Now we’re relegated to house parties, which isn’t bad, but obviously the city thinks fourth graders and their parents are going to be the “key” to reinvigorating a downtown culture. Either that or MCC? None of the city’s decisions seem to make sense these days. Are there any other cities who have their New Year’s fireworks at 10 and call it quits? Because I’ve never heard of it.

  4. Do you not know what “kid-friendly” means?

  5. I believe the city is on downtown self-destruct.

  6. New Year’s Eve. party ends @ 10PM.
    New Year’s Eve. party includes “KazooFest”.
    GUILTY of lameness in the second degree.
    Case closed.
    [bangs gavel]

  7. That is usually what happens when you get old cronies with no individual thought running our fair City. Richards is a puppet who needs to be told what to do by Joe Morelle. Amongst all the whispering in Tom’s ear, Joe doesn’t throw his own parties, so how would he be able to tell Tom how to plan a NYE party? No one has fun anymore.

  8. I agree with you completely. The City needs to stop catering to mini-van moms who wear Obama jeans and start offering something people actually want to do.

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