Cash Mobs Spread

Links of the Day:

– “Cash mobs,” an idea started in Buffalo, have taken hold elsewhere, reports the Wall Street Journal. Alerted through social media, people swarm a shop on a set day in an effort to buy local. It would be fun to see someone pick up the ball in Rochester.

– Between 100 and 120 Sears and Kmart stores will close after poor holiday sales.

– Mark Hare’s column in the Democrat and Chronicle says 370 Monroe County managers got raises. He said raises are a rare reward for most workers – and it shouldn’t be that way.

– The Associated Press has named its Top 10 stories of the year. Yahoo! has listed the Top 10 viral photos.

– A fun story in the New York Times goes inside Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s D.C. “sorority house,” where four congresswomen live. Rep. Kathy Hochul once stayed there.


“I have a friend who used to write for ‘Sex and the City,’ and she wanted to interview us for a sitcom or something,” Ms. Maloney recalled with amusement. “But that is not us and it was not the image that we want to portray.”


“It was a fascinating place,” said Ms. Hochul, who slept on a bed in Ms. Maloney’s office on the third floor after starting in Congress last year before eventually finding her own place.

Ms. Hochul disagreed with her former landlady in one respect: “I always felt that we could make a reality show: ‘The Real Congresswomen of D.C.’ It would be a real snapshot.”


One response to “Cash Mobs Spread

  1. Rachel, FWIW, blogger Chris Charvella has started a Cash Mob in Genesee County / Batavia.

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